Entrepreneurship is tough. brutal.

No matter how great your products or services are…

… or how much skill and experience you have…

… or how talented the people you hired…

… or how many awards and likes your website or company gets…

… or even how smart you are…

… you're walking a thin line: between survival and massive risk .

If you're a taxpayer and you know anything about the economy… you know that owning multiple businesses is your only option.

And no spoon-feeding is going to get you there.

Forget the rat race employees whine about.

Entrepreneurship is no-rules cage fighting …

Challenge #1: Taking-Off

This means somehow making a profit… while there's still money fuel left to continue your gold-prospecting.

(And while your competition is still giving you a shot - on their turf).

At this stage you need to know what to do… as much as what not to do.

You need specific honest feedback.

None of the automatic tools or learning online business tricks or logos or branding everyone is pushing you to buy.

(Or anything else designed to eat your startup money until you fail ).

Challenge #2: Breaking through the stratosphere…

Welcome to the minority.

But once you're above ground, gravity will want to see you crash and burn. (And so will your competitors).

So you need to clench your teeth and push forward.

Full throttle.

Because once the scent of your income spreads … even patents won't protect you from copycats.

(Yes, they have families too - and they don't give a damn about yours).

If your biz is growing, you actually discovered a loophole. And either it's going to be patched up really fast…

… or you'll have to pack to China or India. (Just to break even).

So forget luxury vacations. You need to dominate first. Fast.

You need to get big. (Either you've got top lawyers… or you don't.)

When is the worst time to sell your business? When smart guys want it.

Getting there means having serious skills in metrics, stats and sales psychology.

Or, con-artists will send you back job-hunting as a consumer.

Challenge #3: Staying in orbit

Ok, so you own the market. (Or at least you're a player no one will screw with).

Time to put the brakes on. And to secure your wealth like Fort Knox.

You don't want to lose everything you built overnight… because starting from scratch sucks. (And bankruptcy is no fun, either).

It's all about balance.

Too much power, and you'll hit the Moon.

Not enough power, and gravity will lovingly embrace you … with an impact.

This means risk management.

Grow profits slightly faster than the economy - so shareholders don't divorce you.

But keep an eye on costs and threats - squash them while they're little. (E.g. buying out your competitors).

And most of all: you need a new busines. To canabilize this one. (That's how you evolve. Even if you don't, your market will.)

You need a new vision. Or internal politics and disputes will leave you in ruin.

Vision is the DNA of transformation. It's is where strategy begins.

To tackle the challenge, you need someone who understands this.

Challenge #4: Reinventing yourself

No, not your business.


You'll understand if you're at this point.

You need someone who can help you discover new meanings in your life.

Potential and passions you never knew you had inside you.

Because entrepreneurship never ends.

It only get's bigger . Bigger than your own life.

Do you have any of these challenges right now?

If you're an honest person setting out to enrich other people's lives - with reliable, quality services and products…

… don't let these challenges stop you!

Find a reliable "business partner for hire" who'll pinpoint the hold up … and fix it.

Find someone honest, reliable and competent, who will share your risk and burden.

Don't ask for help , because that's what hyenas are looking for.

But don't be afraid to ask for support.

Avoid products. (That's for consumers, not entrepreneurs).

Focus on services. And don't be afraid of price - look for bargains which move your business forward.

A trustworthy business partner is priceless. And hey, if the best can't help you - you want to know that ASAP .

You can't build a business alone anymore. (It's because of the Internet).

Almost everyone fails in business - so be different.

Get a business partner. Get the advice.

Even if it's not from me. (Ask me for recommendations and/or pointers if you like).

Get in touch - if you're an entrepreneur, I'm an ally.

I don't bite entrepreneurs. (Or marketers and copywriters, either).

Introduce yourself, because I'll be happy to meet you.

Tell me what you do or what's holding you back.

If it helps, here are services you might ask about:

  • consulting (online business development)

  • consulting (technical / IT)

  • consulting (marketing / direct response copywriting)

Best email to reach me: support@chronomantic.net (I usually respond within 1-2 work days).

If you prefer Skype, etc., email me your login and when you're available.

Expect the good in life,

- Cezary Baginski (Founder)